About The Artist

Art from the heart

Mira Chong is a qualified decoupage artist and teacher, who obtained the ‘Certificate of Distinction in Decoupage’ in 2013 from ‘TO DO’ Creative Art School, Italy . Her certification is conferred by SIFA DECOUPAGE, a prestigious art school in Bangkok, Thailand

​After teaching for several years from her home studio, Mira moved into her own newly decorated studio in Kuala Lumpur. Thus, Mirabelle Decoupage Art & Craft is formed in 2015. Her work have been featured in the leading prints such as Malaysian Business magazine,New Sunday Times and Decoupage Artist Worldwide.

Her students consists of children as young as 6 years old to teenagers and adults. She conducts both individual and group classes. Besides teaching, Mira train students who aspire to be Decoupage teachers through her TO-DO International Decoupage Teacher’s Course.​


Mira believes learning never stops, she travelled around the world in search of fresh ideas and latest techniques to enhanced her decoupage skills.

In 2016, she went to TO-DO Creative School in Brescia, Italy to learn from the Italian master crafters. Having completed the Teacher’s Training Course in Decoupage, Colour Theory, Decoration and Upcycling, Mira was confered CERTIFIED DECOUPAGE TEACHER by TO-DO Creative Ideas. Mira is the first and ONLY Malaysian to be certified by TO-DO Creative Ideas. Upon returnin home , Mira incorporate many of the TO-DO techniques in her works and teaching.

On the same trip to Italy, she met up with Ms. Monica Allegro, the founder and principal of Sospeso Trasperente, Italy . A cordial meet up and Ms. Monica was invited to Malaysia to share the Art . In April 2017, Sospeso Trasperente Workhop was conducted by Ms. Monica at Mirabelle Studio for Mira and a group of teachers. Mirabelle Decoupage was appointed Authorised distributor for Sospeso Trasperente material and teaching.

​In December 2017, Mira travelled to Athens, Greece and acquired the skill of Decofoam Decoupage under the guidance of Ms. Foteini of Paco Art Centre and brought the art back to Malaysia to share with her fellow students and decouper lovers around. Impressed with the elegant, clean and neat style of Japanese Decoupage Art, Mira travelled to Tokyo, Japan to learn and completed the Japanese background technique and was awarded Master in Background Technique by Japan Paper Art Association in April 2018.

Decoupage Journey

At the invitation of Ms. Elena Kalafati, the founder and Principal of Decofoam Decoupage, Mira travelled to Athens again in December 2018. She completed some exciting techniques on Decofoam Decoupage with Ms. Elena herself. She also learnt some traditional decoupage
with the President and fellow members from Decoupage Artist Worldwide. Mira has the chance to exchange decoupage knowledge with fellow decoupage artist in Europe. Mira also has a chance to learn mixed media from a master crafter from Stamperia.

Mira’s mission
To share, teach and spread the beautiful art of decoupage to as many people, whether local of overseas
regardless of age.

Mira’s Tag line
Decoupage – Creativity Beyond Imagination.

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