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Mirabellgarten is a floral garden in Salzburg, Austria. The garden is an elegant landscape, decorated with pathways of floral displays and lush grounds fronting the Mirabell Palace.

Mira fell in love with the astonishing beauty of the garden and decided to adopt the name for her own decoupage business.

She felt that it resonated with her way of doing decoupage, with much emphasis on beauty, elegance with a touch of artistic flair.

The name Mirabellé was also added with an additional é to highlight the European origin of decoupage.


The word decoupage originates from the French word decouper, which means to cut-out. It is a form of art & craft where the cut-outs (typically papers) are pasted onto an object using special decoupage glue before coating with varnish for a desired finish. The art of decoupage create depth and patterns, resulting in a painted-on look on the object.

Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate just about any object – old or new. It can be on any types of surface such as wood, pvc, canvas, glass, tin, metal, etc. Objects range from small wooden boxes, glass bottles, jars, tin, mirror frame, vase, kitchen utensils to large household item such as chairs, tables, cupboards.

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