• Mid of 2019

    Mira went to Tokyo, Japan to further enhance her decoupage skills.

    She undergone training in Japanese Decoupage with Naomi Maeda from Japan Art Paper .

    Japanese Decoupage is neat, requires good cutting, clean work, simple yet elegant arrangements, not overcrowded but most of all finished with touches of gold almost on every piece.

    Upon returning, Mira put the skills she acquired to good use and launched our Japanese Decoupage FUNE-MIYABI course, a speical collaboration between JAPA & Mirabellé Decoupage.

  • Start of 2019

    Mr Fabio Dallamano, owner & principal of Colorificio Centrale, representing Fleur Paint & TO-DO Creative Ideas came to Mirabellé Decoupage Malaysia.

    He conducted a 2-day Fleur & TO-DO Seminar to all our TO-DO teachers, existing students, authorized distributors & customers.

    Together with Mr Fabio, we did a collective pouring art using Fleur Pouring Medium & Chalky Look Paint on 2 large canvas piece 4' x 4'.

    Mr. Fabio shared his insights and experience on Fleur & TO-DO products, our confidence and knowledge on Fleur & TO-DO materials were tremendously improved after this.

  • 2018

    Mira travelled again to Athens, Greece to learn Mix Media Decoupage under the guidance of Ms Despoina Iliadou.

    She learnt various techniques using different types of mediums, gels, paste, clay, stone papers, mouldings, stencils, wax to create different effect on many types of surfaces & finished with lots of decorative elements.

  • Mid of 2017

    Mira travelled to Athens, Greece and acquired the skill of Decofoam Decoupage with Ms. Elena Kalafati, the founder of Decofoam Decoupage and Ms. Foteini of Paco Art Centre.

  • 2017

    Mirabellé Decoupage collaborated with Helping Hands Penan (HHP) and introduce decoupage on white HHP bags to our students.

    Students & customers were taught how to decorate their white HHP bags into beautiful designs they wanted.

    The response was overwhelming and since then, Mirabellé has trained many teachers, students and customers to decoupage their bags.

    Helping Hands Penan is a charity organisation whose mission is to provide assistance to Penan people in need, whom depend on weaving bags as their main livelihood. They have been skillful weavers for generations.

    With our collaboration, every bags we sell are channelled towards the economic & social development of Penan People.

    We also held a 1 Year Charity Programme in 2019, where our students decoupage many beautiful HHP bags to sell to friends and family.

    Through the event, we successfully raised RM10,000 and proud to be able to sponsor Penan children in their academic studies.

  • Mid Of 2016

    Mira went to TO-DO Creative Art School in Brescia, Italy to learn from the Italian master crafters. Having completed the Teacher’s Training Course in Decoupage, Colour Theory, Decoration and Upcycling, Mira was conferred CERTIFIED DECOUPAGE TEACHER by TO-DO Creative Ideas. Mira is the first and ONLY Malaysian to be certified by TO-DO Creative Ideas. Upon returning home , Mira incorporate many of the TO-DO techniques in her works and teaching.

  • Start of 2016

    During her Italy trip, Mira also met up with Ms. Monica Allegro, the founder and principal of Sospeso Trasparente, Italy . A cordial meet up and Ms. Monica was invited to Malaysia to share the Art .

    April 2017, Sospeso Trasparente Workshop was conducted by Ms. Monica at Mirabelle Studio for Mira and a group of teachers. Mirabelle Decoupage was appointed Authorised distributor for Sospeso Trasparente material and teaching.

  • 2015

    Mira started her humble journey as a small artist from home, whilst also carrying out her mother's duties to her 3 beautiful kids.

    During her free time, she would work hard to practice and hone her decoupage skills, making beautiful projects that she was passionate about.

    She was genuinely interested & passionate in decoupage art and knew little of the future that would bring her.


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